Monday, August 10, 2015


The Comeback page:

Article on Linked In from Jerry Bowyer sent me to the trailer. Insights from the Jack Kemp approach. "'Comeback' Miniseries Aims To Reboot The Jack Kemp Agenda"

The man who mentored Jack Kemp as an anti-poverty crusader has teamed up with the man whom Jack Kemp mentored into politics to produce a mini-series called Comeback. Robert Woodson and Paul Ryan produced Comeback and used it to take viewers into the toughest neighborhoods in America, and show them groups of people who are solving the social ills of the inner city poor from within and below. Comeback shines the light on the people that Woodson calls “community antibodies.” Community antibodies are the neighborhoods’ organic defense against threats such as violence, addiction, and social break-down. Comeback is not really much of a public policy series, and even less of a politics series. But I think it leads the sensitive viewer to some pretty clear policy and political conclusions: that the welfare state has failed, that the people who know the most about these communities learned what they know by growing up in them (not by studying monographs in grad school), that government has made things worse, that to the degree that government can play a constructive role, it is to empower the local community leaders (not shills, pols, and grievance merchants, or activists) to have more degrees of freedom in what they are already doing, helping people escape misery one at a time from the inside out...

To read the entire article and listen to the interview, click here.

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