Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fwd: [Webmaker] Important Product Update for Popcorn Maker and Appmaker

As Webmaker for Android <http://webmaker.org> nears the end of its time in
beta and prepares for official launch, we wanted to share an update on
Mozilla's other tools for teaching the Web: Appmaker, Popcorn Maker,
Thimble and X-Ray Goggles. We discussed the future of these tools in a May
blog post <https://blog.webmaker.org/whats-next-for-webmaker-tools> (
http://mzl.la/1KKduFH), but after continued discussions we have updated our

As previously mentioned, Thimble and X-Ray Goggles are powerful and popular
tools among educators for teaching web literacy skills, and can now be
found at https://teach.mozilla.org/tools/. Later this summer, we'll be
releasing an updated version of Thimble with improved capabilities, so stay

As our tools evolve, we will no longer support Appmaker and Popcorn Maker
<https://blog.webmaker.org/whats-next-for-webmaker-tools> (
http://mzl.la/1KKduFH). Instead, we're focusing our efforts on Webmaker for
Android, which empowers smartphone users to create local content and read,
write and participate online.

*Both Appmaker and Popcorn Maker will remain available until Wednesday,
Sept. 30, after which they will be inaccessible*. We are no longer able to
provide bug fixes and user support for these tools. However, users will
still be able to access makes created with these tools in a read-only
capacity, even after Sept. 30. To do so, visit webmaker.org/me and sign in.
And as open source projects, the code for these tools will continue to be
available for reuse at https://github.com/mozilla/popcorn_maker and

If you have any questions, email help@webmaker.org or on Twitter @Webmaker

Amira Dhalla

Twitter/IRC: @amirad <https://twitter.com/amirad>  |  Help us #teachtheweb

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