Wednesday, September 30, 2015

IB and College Credit insights

In 2015 - 2016, various colleges had various policies concerning IB course ACCEPTANCE for college credit. The kids at Pittsburgh Obama Academy in Pittsburgh Public Schools got these insights from their teacher, Mr. Ehman, the IB Coordinator and Film teacher at the school. He researched the schools based upon an expressed interest from the rising seniors. 
This complied list has the college name and what is offered to incoming freshmen in terms of college credits that is earned in high school. Do reconfirm this information.

Students may receive credit for a maximum of 20 semester credit hours (five courses). HL offerings 5,6,7 must submit to the school to determine credits.

Each score of 6 or 7 on Higher Level Exams will earn advanced placement units and will generally satisfy a core requirement.
Film, Music, Theatre, Vis Arts = 3 credits
History = 6 credits
English = 6 credits
Spanish, French, German, Japanese HL = 6 credits

Scores of 5,6, and 7 will earn 8 credits for the following IB areas.
Theater, Foreign Languages, History, Visual Arts, English

One or two Brown courses for a grade of 5 or 6 or higher, depending on the department.
History, English, Foreign Languages, Students must contact the school for all other HL courses.

IB diploma recipients, with a minimum score of 5 on each of the six subject examinations, will be awarded six course credits toward their degree requirements at Bucknell. Diploma recipients who do not meet the minimum score requirements will receive course credit for only those higher level courses passed with a score of 5 or higher. IB Certificates students (non-diploma) will receive course credits for each higher level course passed with an examination score of 5 or higher. No credit is awarded for standard-level courses except as noted for IB Diploma recipients.

Higher Level Exams ONLY. Passing scores of 5,6,7...
Film, History, Music, Theater, Vis Arts, English, Foreign Languages

Case Western offers course credit for scores of 5,6,7 for MOST HIGHER LEVEL EXAMINATIONS.

Contact Chatham as Credits are awarded in a case by case basis.

Credit earned for courses in the IB Programme may be applied to certain general education requirements or to electives as described. Course credit is only granted for grades of 6 or 7 on Higher-Level IB Exams.

IB graduates who score well on their higher level exams will be awarded credit. Include your IB Candidate # when applying to Clemson. Scores of 4,5,6,and 7 will be awarded credits.
English, Film, Foreign Language, History, Music, Theatre, Vis Arts.

Columbia awards transfer credit only for exams taken at Higher Level. Students receive the equivalent of one year of credit (usually 6 points) for any Higher Level exam on which they receive a 6 or 7.

Students must have earned the IB DIPLOMA to be considered for credits. HL exams only, scores of 5,6,7. Credits will be automatically awarded for English & History. Credits may be awarded in a case by case basis.

The University of Denver offers college credit for students who have taken and scored well on International Baccalaureate Higher Level Exams. A maximum of 45 credit hours can be awarded. Scores of 4,5,6, and 7 will be considered.

Students who have taken International Baccalaureate courses will be granted general college credit for HL IB exams in which they achieve grades of 5 or better. The registrar can review credits for fulfillment of graduation requirements.

Drexel University awards advanced standing and or credit to students who have achieved superior performance on International Baccalaureate Higher Level Examinations. Standard Level Exams are not considered. Scores of 6 or 7 are accepted for the following IB courses English, History.

Duquesne University may award academic credits to students completing the diploma with a total score of 30 or above. Credits will be awarded at the discretion of a Duquesne University academic advisor.
Students who do not complete the IB diploma are able to receive advanced standing credit for IB HL subjects with scores of 5, 6, or 7. IB standard level scores of 6 or 7 will be accepted in foreign languages for a maximum of eight semester hours per language.
No credit will be given for other standard level courses.

Credit awarded for Higher Level Examinations only... Score of 5 or above for Film, History, Language A, Language B, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts (You will earn 4 semester hours for each)

We will award three semester hours of college credit for scores of five, six, or seven on the higher level International Baccalaureate examinations in the subject areas offered in Emory College of Arts and Sciences.
Emory college of arts and sciences does not grant credit for the HL Visual Arts IB Exam.

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