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Introducing the New Thimble, a More Powerful Way to Teach the Web

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[image: Introducing the New Thimble, a More Powerful Way to Teach the Web]

Hi Martin,

We're excited to introduce the new Thimble
an even more powerful way to teach and learn the Web. With this upgraded
tool, teaching HTML, CSS and other coding languages becomes simple and
hands-on. Whether learners want to remix existing content or build a web
page from scratch, Thimble can help.

[image: Thimble by Mozilla]

[image: Start Coding]

Mozilla initially developed Thimble as a code editor for educators and
learners of all skill levels. Now, Thimble has evolved into a curriculum
aid and so much more. Updates to Thimble include:

[image: Thimble by Mozilla]

   - *Expanded capabilities*. Users can now build and link multiple web
   pages, rather than just one, within a single project.
   - *A helping hand*. A more guided learning experience featuring
   easy-to-use tutorials, auto-closing tags and autocomplete.
   - *So much more*. A sleeker look and feel, auto-save extensions, a
   selfie-taker and other new features.

We're eager to see how you use Thimble
both inside and outside the classroom. Let us know how you're teaching
others to read, write and participate on the Web. And reach out to us
anytime @MozTeach or


Chris Lawrence
VP of Learning
Visit us at
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