Monday, November 02, 2015

Fwd: Not registered yet? Come to our Open House Training Event!

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From out of town? Don't worry - we have an option for you too!
Join us Saturday, November 7 for a Pre-Season Marathon Training Open House – and "Get Your Game On" Runner Of Steel! Activities will begin at 7:30 AM. 

Featuring our new gaming wearable – the MilestonePod, registration kiosks, and some awesome training and nutrition informational sessions, this open house will get you primed and ready for training season.

We want you to "get in the game" and the best way to do that is to be registered for one of the 2016 races and use this free* gaming wearable.
Here is a little more about the MilestonePod –  it requires no extra effort on your part, and you can use it easily in addition to whatever running app you already prefer.

Simply attach it to your running shoe and let it track you as you train. It provides more than just mileage and pace, it shows cadence, stance time, stride length, footstrike, and run history – helpful insights for runners and walkers of all ability levels.  

Once the official training season starts in January, we will issue weekly challenges (best pace, most miles, etc.) - with a chance to win prizes. All participants using a MilestonePod will be tracked on the leaderboard - to see how you are doing against the other Runners Of Steel. 

RSVP NOW and we'll see you on the 7th!
*Quantities of free pods are limited, be sure to get in early!
Not in Pittsburgh?  Don't worry - you can get in the game too!
Just because you are out-of-town, doesn't mean you have to be out of the game! 

Now you can participate in our season-long training game – no matter where you call home.

Once you register for one of our races, click here to request a free* MilestonePod!
*Please note, there are only a limited amount of pods designated for each state so be sure to request yours early! 

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