Tuesday, November 24, 2015


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UPMC has reached out to the District 6 Office to advise that they are currently seeking applicants in the following programs:

  • 2016 Finance/Accounting Summer Associates Program: A full time, 11 week paid summer internship for students currently in their sophomore or junior year of college who are interested in a Finance or Accounting career
  • Finance Management Rotation (FMR) Program: A two year leadership development rotational program for Finance/Accounting majors who have/will graduate in Spring 2015, Winter 2015, or Spring 2016.  GPA requirement is 3.2 and above.

The FMR program is the most time sensitive.The deadlines are fast approaching. Interested students can send their resume directly to Megan Metcalf (metcalfme@upmc.edu). Megan is also available to answer any questions regarding either program.

UPMC, like many other Pittsburgh organizations, struggles with getting people to relocate to Pittsburgh, that is why Rob DeMichiei (UPMC's CFO) wants to leverage networks in the Pittsburgh community.  He is committed to diversity and wants UPMC to be introduced to the friends, neighbors, nieces and nephews, etc. and give them the opportunity to stay in Pittsburgh and have a great career. 

Please share this information with your networks.

Thank you,

District 6 Office

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