Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Fwd: The Crisis in Flint, Michigan cannot be ignored

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From: John Hemington <>

Attached is an article by Michael Moore, who grew up in Flint and is a Michigan resident, concerning the crisis of poisoned water in Flint, MI.  Some of you may not have a high regard for Mr. Moore, but in this instance, in my opinion, he is exactly right.  The Governor or Michigan committed is almost certainly a criminal act in covering up for over a year the fact that his determination to divert the water for Flint from its previous source in Lake Huron via Detroit to the heavily polluted Flint River in order to save money resulted in significant increases in lead and other mineral and chemical poisons polluting the water in Flint – impacting all of the 100,000+ residents and, in particular the highly vulnerable children.  As the article makes very clear, lead poisoning in anyone is bad, but in children it leads to permanent non-treatable disabilities and neurological impairments.

I strongly urge you to read the attached article and to sign the petition Michael Moore has created.  If the water of Flint had been poisoned by terrorists in the same way it has been done by the state's governor and his administration there would be a national uproar and demands that the terrorists be caught and executed for this heinous crime against humanity.  No one is demanding that the governor be executed, but he certainly should be removed from office and tried for the crime against the citizens and children of Flint for which he is responsible.  If this had happened in your community I have no doubt that you would be prepared to take violent action against those responsible.


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