Thursday, January 14, 2016

Fwd: Obama Academy Information

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Obama Families and Friends 

The PTSA would like to remind everyone that we have a unique opportunity to provide input on the District's selection of a new superintendent.  This is our chance to make sure that our new superintendent fully supports our implementation of the IB.

Let's make sure the Obama Academy's IB voice is heard:
  • We want a superintendent who understands and appreciates the IB program and will recognize the IB program as a valuable part of District offerings.
  • We want a superintendent who will financially and philosophically support PPS's IB program.
  • We want Obama Academy to be a strong and vibrant asset of the PPS's school options.
  • We want a superintendent who supports Obama's IB curriculum that encourages students to think critically and consider both their local and international environment.
There are many ways to share your thoughts including:
Please help us to make sure the Obama Academy's IB voice is heard. We only have about 2 weeks left to make comments.  Community input will be collected until 1/28, when a job description will be sent nationwide. Follow the superintendent search progress on

Barack Obama Academy of International Studies, 515 N Highland Avenue, PITTSBURGH, PA 15206

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