Friday, June 10, 2016

QuarkExpress weirdness with HTML5 -- update -- problem fixed.


I was not seeing the right things because I was not using the most current version of the software. I had thought I was launching Quark 2016 -- but wrongly -- I was using the older version, Quark 2015.

The new features are not in the older software, of course.


Trying to get QuarkExpress to export HTML5 and the things on my screen do not seem to match what is in the manual.

Manual has:

Notice 10 on the right side with the globe-like icon.

My screen has this:

NO globe icon.

Then my screen has no HTML5 export option.

Go figure. What's up?

Quark release a new manual called “Digital Publishing with QuarkXPress 2016”.
It can be found here and describes how to create app content for native apps, ebooks in the EPUB2 and EPUB3 format (reflow and fixed-layout) and HTML5 Publications:

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