Thursday, September 01, 2016

Peter Reid, of the UK with nearly 20 years of LiveCode experiences calls LiveCode – The Coders' Swiss-Army-Knife

He posts: I have used LiveCode to develop a range of apps such as demonstrators, simulations, prototypes, mock-ups, document generators, data capture, data conversion, data analysis, data manipulation, data display, training course and various ad hoc tools.

LiveCode (Revolution, MetaCard) has proved effective for wide range of uses. Developing in LiveCode is quick and is rewarding to use, both in terms of finances and fun!

Old code from years ago can be reactivated and updated, proving that LiveCode stands the test of time!

Is it “perfect?"

No, as they say “Pobody’s Nerfect," but it’s highly usable and getting better over time.

Download a set of slides presented at the LiveCode 2016 Conference about his experience of using LiveCode, together with a little app (including source code) from:

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