Saturday, September 03, 2016

Told Ya..... Now we morn.

"We watched Dennis Flanagan's death play out in slow motion. For 5 years the
community has voiced its need for a safe W. Carson St. Corridor for all.
These needs were thrown by the wayside, and 9 days after the project's
completion, a person biking the corridor was killed. 
Traffic deaths are avoidable tragedies. They happen because decision makers
create designs that prioritize automobile "speed" and "congestion" over
human life. This is the same tragic story that played out on West Carson
We will meet one week from Dennis Flanagan's death. Tuesday, 9/6/16, 7pm at
27th St & Tunnel Blvd Healthy Ride Station (Southside Works). We will be
riding from 27th St. to McKees Rocks and back.
Join us Tuesday night to change the narrative to include the safety of all
people - young, old, abled, disabled, on foot, bike, transit, car:
From: Jim Logan

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