Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Allowing city workers to COACH -- and this CCAC amendment with today's vote

Hi Council Members,

The amendment to the change in the city charter that needs to head to the voters to allow city workers to also be employed by CCAC, another government entity, should be its own ballot question and not put into the measure to allow PPS SCHOOL COACHES.

Teaching at CCAC should be treated as a different exception. That different exception should be considered as its own question on the ballot for the voters.

And, is this "TEACHING at CCAC" or is it also other jobs? What about being a CCAC administrator? What of being a sports coach, or on the grounds crew, working in food service, the book store, or security, or in some other capacity?

I do not think that the spirit of the measure as it was originally put forth applies to the amendment to also allow CCAC employment. A parent is not going to desire to teach at CCAC because his or her son or daughter is enrolled at CCAC. 

If Rev Burgess wants a pay check for teaching at CCAC, that exception can be put on the ballot as a question to stand on its own. I expect that might pass too.

My other suggestion is to make the amendment to that allows paid work at CCAC -- and perhaps the entire exception that would also allow for coaching at PPS  -- be subject to a $10,000 per year limit. 

We do NOT want CCAC teachers with larger teaching loads to be able to work for the city and CCAC at the same time.

If people want to work a second job in higher education, work at the Pgh Seminary, Carlow, Chatham, RMU, Pitt, CMU, DU. 

What about PSU branch campus exception too? One could not work for the 4-H Extension, a branch of PSU in the Tech building in Connelley building. That's fine. Or, allow it to be limited to $10,000. 

In an ideal world with our democratic process, put the CCAC question as its own ballot question, different from the matter of allowing PPS Coaching. 

Mark Rauterkus       Mark@Rauterkus.com
PPS Summer Dreamers' Swim & Water Polo Camp Executive Coach
Varsity Boys Swim Coach, Pittsburgh Obama Academy
Recent Head Water Polo Coach, Carnegie Mellon University Women's Club Team
Pittsburgh Combined Water Polo Team


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