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Fwd: Tyranny's little helpers

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I've said it before I'll say it again:

The best overall business/marketing book I possess (and have been reading almost non-stop since January 2008) is Ken McCarthy's "System Club Letters" book. I dig it so much I even gifted it to my "Email Players" subscribers a few years ago.

My favorite chapter is about Independence Day.

(That's today in the US.)

Ken 'splains why it's lost its meaning:

"Reason #1: Independence is no longer a treasured virtue in our country. Reason #2: Many of the things that the Founding Fathers found so objectionable - like taxation without representation for example - have become institutionalized in the US. Big business, big media, big government - the country seems to be run for their benefit today, not ours."


People are completely gullible.

(Just look at how people follow corrupt politicians like rats following the Pied Piper...)

Another great insight from that chapter:

Ken notes how when this country was founded 90% of people worked (and thought) for themselves.


Only 10% do.

The rest are slaving away, swallowing everything the media tells them ("Russians!"), voting their rights away for fear of non-existent boogymen, enthusiastically cheering on unelected activist judges making laws out of thin air and based on their feelz, piling on debt, race baiting, class warfaring, never questioning, always obeying — tyranny's little helpers.

Ken's solution?

Become economically independent.

And then use your economic independence to take a stand against the politicians and unelected bankers, bureaucrats, judges, and foreign interests trying to steal yours and your children's birthrights for their 30 pieces of silver.

Anyway, I highly recommend reading it.

And then *keep* reading it.


As far as how to become economically independent...

I've got a pile of low cost eBooks (most under $3) on Kindle that can help you with everything from copywriting and email… to affiliate marketing and traffic… to positioning, publishing newsletters, selling & persuasion, and how to build a swipe file… and everything in between (including my Villains persuasion book and even a series of novels about zombies and vampires and other deranged monsters that go bump in the morning if'n that's your thang…).

It's like an Independence Day fireworks display of value.

And, it's dirt cheap.

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