Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Fwd: Chris Hedges nails it . . .

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From: John H

Attached are two pieces, one by Chris Hedges and an op-ed by Clive Crook.  I'm sure that many will find these to be controversial, but I am convinced that both are correct.  There is currently a massive effort to divide and conquer the American public – and, to be certain there are some very major differences among us.  There are, however, significant areas in which most of us can find room for agreement.  The problem is that the major mainstream media outlets – on both sides – seems to be working night and day to ensure that we will never be able to come together to discuss them.  We must somehow come to understand that this only serves to benefit the ruling class and never works in the favor of the rest of us.  It is a classic strategy which has been employed for centuries, but it has never been employed as effectively as it is today.  We must constantly work to find the issues we agree on and avoid focusing solely on those issues on which we disagree if progress is ever to be made toward that elusi8ve goal of 'a more perfect union'.  Human societies have never agreed on everything, but the most successful ones have learned to agree and implement the most important ones.  Ours is now far from falling into the orbit of the most successful; and, if ours is to survive much longer, we will have to figure out how to talk with each other and to work together for meaningful change.

Think about it before buying into the propaganda hype being constantly spewed forth from the major media outlets.



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