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What have you dreamt of in your coaching philosophy?
Once upon a time, asking coaches about their coaching philosophy was probably akin to asking them if they ever asked for feedback from players or athletes: 'What do you mean?' Of course, every coach has a 'philosophy' – what else is their coaching practice based on? – even if they haven't given it much thought, or written it down. In this issue of NZ Coach Mag, the first link is to a Coaching Canada resource that provides a simple template for developing your coaching philosophy. The three steps relate to Purpose, Leadership Style, and Values. Even if you think you know where you stand on all these, I encourage you to spend a few minutes revisiting these steps and checking if you are really clear on what they mean to you. A couple of things to consider as you do this, the first about leadership 'style'. To begin, the resource talks in very old 'code' – democratic, lassiez fare, command and control. For me, the critical question isn't about which style you want to adopt but what leadership approach promotes autonomy, connection and competence (and confidence) in the people you are leading. The research and my personal practical knowledge (PPK) tell me that means being 'democratic' (this style eats the other styles for breakfast, lunch and dinner almost ALL THE TIME!). The trick is to work out what democratic looks like for you. By the way, 'Coaches are leaders' is one of the four core principles of Sport NZ's Community Coaching Strategy. Secondly, values. Words are just representations, they aren't the value. If you want respect to be one of your values (tip: work out the 3-4 key ones!) think carefully about what respect looks like, sounds like, feels like, when you are coaching a session, preparing for a game or event, talking with parents, and communicating with officials.  Too often, as you will know from your own life experiences, it's much harder to live a value than to write it down. So, what's your coaching philosophy?

Brett Reid, Community Coaching Consultant
'Mistakes are the portals of discovery' – James Joyce

Develop a Coaching Philosophy in 3 Easy Steps
A coaching philosophy is an essential ingredient of leadership. [Coaching Canada]
Diamonds coach Lisa Alexander wants to make the uncomfortable comfortable
They're comfortably the best team in world netball and one of the best in world sport, now Australian Diamonds coach Lisa Alexander wants her world-conquerors to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. [The Age]
Lincoln duo Danny and Nicky Cowley tell Sir Clive Woodward: 'We pinched your big ideas
Lincoln's brilliant management duo, Danny and Nicky Cowley, appeared on Garry Richardson's [Sportsweek programme on BBC Radio Five Live on Sunday.]
Better coaching pathways a win for all
Little Athletics SA has done its homework – and now it's getting the rewards. [ors.sa.gov.au]
"Please Help Our Coach": 6 Ways any Parent Can (and Should) Help Build Stronger Volunteer Coaches
The vast majority of our membership provides glowing feedback about the selfless volunteers that step up to coach their child's team. [WBSBlog]
Ask Shannon McIlroy about becoming the world men's singles bowls champion and he'll say, "Mate, I feel like I've conquered Everest." [Sport  NZ]
Let The Kids Play - The Need For Real Change in Youth Sports
There are frankly way too many serious youth sports issues that have been well documented in the major media over the past 10 to 15 years. [mentaltoughnesstrainer]
Mindfulness in Sport: When the brain is calm, the body is ready
"Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one's attention to the internal experiences occurring in the present moment" Manu Bazzano [© Irish Examiner 2017; @DrSkillAcq]

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