Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Fwd: Neoliberal Healthcare . . . an oxymoron

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In case you were wondering why neoliberal healthcare schemes (the one we now struggle under) have never worked and never will work the attached article should give you a basic understanding of some of the issues by looking at some of the ways the neoliberals are attempting to fix it – at, I might add, enormous cost to the government will little or nothing to show for the efforts.  There is no earthly reason that a nation with the maldistributed wealth of the United States should be forced to endure such bolloxed up mess as we have in our so-called healthcare system.  Everyone on all sides of the political spectrum knows this, including a great majority of the voting public, and yet those running the system have no concerns whatsoever about what the neutered American public might think.  Their focus is on how much government money can be diverted to corporate and financial interests.  This is textbook neoliberalism.  If you still don't understand, read the Philip Mirowski article linked in the article.




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