Thursday, May 17, 2018

Fwd: Water

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From: John H

If you think that water depletion and contamination by pollutants is not a world-wide problem, you're not thinking – you're dreaming.  Check out this article from today's Washington Post for some frightening information on depletion and then consider that a very high percentage of the water we drink, cook with and bathe in is being polluted by an unimaginable volume of pollutants, some visible and some not, injected legally and illegally by corporations and people on a daily basis.  Many of these chemical pollutants are not even acknowledged or identified.  But one strong indicator is the incredible spiking of the cancer rate in many areas of this nation.  It's long past time to stop this flagrant abuse of this critical resource for life. 


ARTILCLE: Humans are causing massive changes to the location of water all around the Earth

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