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Fwd: The election is over . . . well almost over

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Now that the election is (almost) over it may be a good time to evaluate just what the American public has bought into this time around.  If, as it appears at the moment, Joe Biden prevails and the Republicans hold onto control of the Senate we can probably expect essentially nothing but more corporate and financial profiteering and more wars and interventions around the world for the next four years.  There will be almost no likelihood for any positive legislation benefitting Americans not so fortunate to reside within the lofty confines of the top 1%.  At the same time, due to the pandemic and the utter failure of the powers that be to adequately address the economic and medical consequences we are very likely to see even more deaths and a prolonged economic depression for the majority of the nation – if not the world.  Fortunately, for the corporate and financial elites, the Federal Reserve has already stated that it is prepared to use its full panoply of options to insure that the "economy" does not crash.  This, of course, does not translate into jobs and income for most Americans only protection for financial institutions, Wall Street and mega-corporations.  So be prepared, these will indeed be interesting times ahead – not that they aren't already. 


I don't believe that there was ever going to be a beneficial outcome from this election regardless of the outcome, though I do concede that Biden is marginally better than Trump, but this almost guarantees that Biden will be nothing but an ineffectual placeholder and that economic conditions in the next two to four years will almost certainly lead to a Republican sweep of both the House and the Senate in 2022 and the Presidency in 2024.  If the Democrats has simply bothered to put up a candidate and some policies addressing the very real needs of the American people in this election – jobs, healthcare, student debt, climate catastrophe, etc. I believe that they would have won in a landslide.  As it turned out Trump almost won by appealing to people on the economy and, had the pandemic not occurred and had he not botched it so badly, he almost certainly would have won handily.  Identity politics may make people feel good, but its not a winning appeal when people are struggling economically and unable to access healthcare reasonably.


I strongly urge you to read the attached articles.  The first contains two excellent short pieces, the first by Chris Hedges and the second by Jonathan Cook.  The second is a longer piece from Naked Capitalism which is also quite good.




"Organized Greed Always Defeats

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