Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Wear your shoes as there is glass everywhere. Message from the leader at The Ellis School!

Friday note from Macon - November 13, 2020

by Macon Finley


US Community Homeroom 11/11/20

Good morning students. I want to take a moment to
acknowledge and celebrate a remarkable moment in our
nation’s history - the naming of Kamala Harris this past
weekend as our country’s Vice President-elect.
Regardless of our political affiliations, I hope we can all
pause to recognize the significance of this moment for
women in our country, and especially for women of color.
We are witnessing some firsts that will go down in the
history books, as Kamala Harris is the first woman to be
elected to this office, the first Black person, and the first
South Asian person.

The sense of possibility Vice President-elect Harris’s
election represents is enormous. I want to be sure each of
you feels that same sense of possibility for yourselves - I
hope you hear it from your families, from your teachers,
from your friends and classmates. And I especially want
to be sure you hear it from me. Each of you is a gift to this
school community and to the world. Each of you is going
to make a real difference in your life, each in your own
unique way. Some of those will be highly visible, publicly
recognized contributions, like serving in public office or
leading a startup or doing groundbreaking research.
Others will be quieter, more locally impactful contributions,
like healing patients in a hospital, or creating exhibits in a

museum, or managing a team in an organization, or
writing for a local newspaper. You don’t need to know yet
how you will make your mark. But I want you to know that
you can, and you should, and that our goal at Ellis is to be
a community where each of you knows and feels that
about yourself and your future, in which we lift each other
up and work together to create only more possibilities for
all girls and women. My favorite social media quote this
weekend referenced the glass ceiling that has been
shattered by Kamala Harris, and goes like this: “For all the
girls coming behind us. Be sure to wear shoes...there's
glass everywhere.” You all are those girls. I want you to
hear me say “Go for it. When it’s your time, I hope you’ll
get out there and shake the world!" 

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