Thursday, April 15, 2004

[412] FRIENDS of a feather, gathering on Sunday at National Aviary

Media Release and Invitation

Hi Neighbors, Friends and Flock-mates,

You're invited to an open community meeting at 2 pm on Sunday, April 18
under the tent in the Rose Garden at the North Side's National Aviary,

Pittsburgh's Community Cable Station, PCTV 21, http://PCTV21.Org, is slated
to record the presentation, speakers and free-flying discussions as we
ponder our community and issues of:

Closed (or opening?) outdoor swim pools;
Closed (or opening?) Recreation Centers;
Closed but should open indoor ice rink;
Summertime opportunities for kids of all ages;
Citiparks, County Parks and Rec Department, and more.

At 2 pm, some volunteer activist will join me to conduct a briefing and make
a public delivery of a 100-plus-page POSITION PAPER. Media, press and guest
are welcome, of course.

At 3 pm, an open community discussion takes flight. We'd love for you to
attend and offer your opinions and observations.


If you are interested in helping with editorial refinements and content
contributions for the position paper prior to its release (and beyond)
please email:
Hawk at CLOH.Org

If you are interested in speaking and assisting at the meeting (and beyond)
please email a brief bio of yourself to:
Crow at CLOH.Org

Anyone can attend the event, but please try to register in advance. See the
links at http://Play.CLOH.Org.

Moving Target and Recent Victories:
Corporate, foundation and civic communities of Pittsburgh have been
buzzing and chirping to 'Save Our Summer.' The goal of $850K is targeted,
but all involved understand this is a short-term, one-time fix. My approach
and role is to call for solutions beyond a "new band-aid upon an old

So, friends of a feather, even if you consider yourself more of a buzzard,
hummingbird, pigeon, flamingo, eagle or free-ranging skeet that slipped away
from the NRA event, .... thanks for your attention and feedback hoots.

Admission to The Aviary is NOT gratis on the Sunday the 18th. However, a
three day weekend of no-charge admission to the Aviary is coming in the
weeks ahead. In the past, the Aviary hosted a weekend of no charge
admissions, but that was during the NOW CANCELLED Childrens' Festival. More
details on Sunday from the Aviary's spokespeople.

Feel free to forward this message or leverage the one-page PDF, 72kb,
handout for your friends and contacts.


Mark Rauterkus http://Play.CLOH.Org
xCoach at http://CLOH.Org
412-298-3432 = cell

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