Saturday, April 03, 2004

Resignation Chatter

Mayor's offer of RESIGNATION accepted from one of harshest critics

Front page headlines on April 3, 2004:
Mayor says he'll resign if critics do

Trib story by Dave Brown
PG story by Timothy McNulty

by Mark Rauterkus
posted to Op-Ed.CLOH.Org on April 3, 2004

I am one of Mayor Murphy's harshest critics. On many occasions in the past seasons I've suggested to Tom Murphy, in person and in public, that his best course of action should be his resignation, for the good of the city. My Post-Gazette letter to the editor ran in August 18, 2003.

I didn't think Mayor Murphy would be able to hold onto his job into the start of 2004. I was wrong. I'm often optimistic.

Mayor, I'll take you up on your offer.

If Tom Murphy resigns from the office of mayor, City of Pittsburgh, I too will resign. I will not chase him to his Butler County home and hurl insults. Nor will I try to yank the plug to his swim pool nor shutter his local gym space.

As a sign of good faith on my part, and with splendid anticipation of a looming Tom Murphy resignation, I will resign for the month of May, 2004. I will resign my role as critic by NOT going to City Council Chambers and injecting public comment, nor will I rant to the Oversight Board, nor County Council, nor any neighborhood agency meeting, nor stand outside PNC Park with pickets, nor display the red-lettered, "FIRE MAYOR MURPHY" sign in my office window. Furthermore, I won't call radio talk shows nor push petitions at the UPMC City of Pittsburgh Marathon, nor hound veterans and officials before and after the Memorial Day gun salutes at monuments around the South Side. I won't do any of those activities, for the month of May. I promise.

My websites, and CLOH.Org, and email blasts to more than 6,000 contacts, won't wane however.

Furthermore, should Tom Murphy resign from office, I promise to craft a petition calling for some significant structures to be renamed. Tom Murphy should leave with a statue and a place on the map so as to never forget the legacy and persona.

I think a fitting remembrance would be a name change for the Liberty Bridge to the Mayor Tom Murphy Bridge. This tribute to Tom Murphy could be a continual reminder as his administration made great strides in removing true liberty in Pittsburgh.

Let's also support the notion of renaming the Liberty Tunnel as the Mayor Tom Murphy Tunnel. The name switch highlights Murphy's vision and hard-decision attitude.

It is time for Pittsburgh to turn its directions. The light at the end of the tunnel is coming closer. New intersections await. Fitting too are the stoplights at both ends of the both the Liberty Tunnels and Bridge. They represent Murphy's multiple terms.

We are waiting for the light to change. I'm thirsty and long for the future. I want to resign my critic's role and instead, foster civic healing.

In other news:

Mark Rauterkus, his wife, Catherine V. Palmer, Ph.D., and their two children are traveling to China for five weeks starting May 1, 2004. Palmer, the Director of Audiology at UPMC's Eye and Ear Institute, is to teach a four-week course to MDs in western China.

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