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[412] NEWS -- Parks Position Paper + Five Week China Peace Tour

Hi Friends and Reds, (Yep, "Reds," .... please read on)

#1) Version 1
#2) Paper editions
#3) Public domain
#4) Parks-Positions-Noise at CLOH.Org
#5) PCTV 21 show airs in May

#6) 6:30 pm, June 17 at South Vo Tech High School library
#8) 6 pm, July 9, concert --> This IS America!
#9) Hire Tom Murphy, letter to editor, http://op-ed.CLOH.Org
#10) Best news, essay wins $500. PG link to Erik's photo.

#11) China trip
#12) Playing well with others. Father to father.
#13) Thanks
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Version 1 of a 100-plus page document, Pittsburgh's Parks, Recreation
and Pools -- a position paper, is now online in PDF format:

To save the pain of reading from a computer screen, or taxing your
printer, feel free to pay for photo copies and get a paper version yourself.
Two source are available for duplication.
One is with Mary Beth at the City Clerk's office, 5th floor, City-County
Building, 412-255-2138, very near to City Council and Mayor's office.
Another copy is at Copies On Carson, 1315 East Carson Street, South
Side, voice = 412-481-4875, fax = 412-481-4890.

The position paper can be freely copied, reused, or whatever as its
release is with a "copyleft license" -- not a copyright. Consider it a
contribution to the public domain.

Let's not debate if the document is ready for "prime time" -- yet. But,
do debate the ideas. Act 47 Coordinators, I.C.A./Oversight Board and many
others from the School Board and beyond, are thirsty for solutions.
Your edits and input is welcomed:
Parks-Positions-Noise at CLOH.Org

Our past community gathering at the National Aviary will be replayed on
PCTV 21. Stay tuned.

The next open community meeting is slated for the last day of school, at
6:30 pm, Thursday, June 17, at the library of South Vo Tech High School.
Within the position paper, the South Vo Tech site is a keystone for a new
Sign-up now at http://Play.CLOH.Org.

Save Our Summer reaction with 1-page PDF, 44k, handout is:

At 6 pm on Friday, July 9, 2004, we're going to host a Benefit CONCERT
at Club Cafe, http://S6.CLOH.Org. Theme: "This IS America!"

My recent letter to the editor in City Paper, re-posted at:

The best news of all, a proud dad moment!

Erik, my son, won an essay contest for Black History Month and got a
$500 prize frm National City. His photo was in the PG last week:

We are headed to CHINA for five weeks. My two boys, 6 and 9, two
graduate students, my wife and I are going to Beijing (home of the 2008
Olympics), Chengdu, and Hong Kong.

Global Coalition for Peace, a non-profit peace organization has been
getting parents from distant parts of the world together to support each
other in the goal of raising peaceful world citizens. Mother-to-Mother for
Peace and Nonviolence began with an overseas partnering of American and
Muslim mothers. As the program spread, others from around the world became

Dads, take note. Two fathers, Dave Blackman, of San Diego, and Mark
Rauterkus, of Pittsburgh, PA, aim to launch an initiative geared to fathers.
Our family travels are going to kick-off the program.

While my wife is teaching a course to M.D.s, we'll be tourists with a
goal of playing well with others.

Rose Lord, organizer of Global Coalition For Peace network, said, "We
hope the Rauterkus trip to will be the first of many Peaceful Parenting
Tours. Others taking a family vacation, whether in our own country or
abroad, can become a grass-roots ambassadors for peace.

The Dad's message is simple: Thanks for playing. Peaceful partenting
tour promotes playing well with others. See our journal and learn of the
parent-to-parent efforts for peace and nonviolence:

The boys (ages 6 and 9) and I are tourists. Meanwhile my wife is
traveling to teach a four-week course to Medical Doctors in Western China.
We'll hit the road with some games under our arms, a digital camera, and an
attitude of fun involvment. We'll take the time to visit parks and swim
pools. We'll share treats, such as pins and stickers. A note of thanks for
playing together gives the journal and trip more purpose.

The real press release is due upon our return and the completion of the
online journal. Journalists can reach Rose Lord for information at
412-655-3063 or rose at

Thanks for taking an interest. Thanks for the dozens who have helped so
far with the release of the document. Thanks for the help in the future as

This infrequent email blast is full of open community invites for you to
consider. The server allows you to opt-out on your own, if you must. Or,
change your own email contact too.


Mark Rauterkus http://Play.CLOH.Org http://DSL.CLOH.Org
xCoach at http://CLOH.Org
412-298-3432 = cell
412-481-2497 = voice mail

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