Tuesday, May 25, 2004

[412] Tune in the TV Show -- read the positon paper -- offer feedback -- see ya on June 17

Dear Southwestern Pennsylvania Comrades,

Hello from China's south west. While I'm a foreigner, you don't need to miss me. You can still get a glimpse of me and some of the issues I hold dear -- on PCTV 21 -- the Pittsburgh Cable Access TV Station. http://www.PCTV21.com.

Our COMMUNITY FORUM about the closing of city parks PUBLIC pools and Recreation Centers (taped at the National Aviary) plays on cable at:

Tuesday, May 25 7 to 8 pm
Thursday, May 27 1 to 2 pm

Tuesday, June 1 5 to 6 pm

Thursday, June 3 1 to 2 pm

Sunday, June 6 4 to 5 pm

Tuesday, June 8 8 to 9 pm

Wednesday, June 16 7 to 8 pm

The show mentions elements of the released (to PUBLIC DOMAIN) POSITION PAPER:
Please check it out, offer comments, pass the world. John Craig, former PG boss and leader of the Riverlife Task Force has. With your help, future versions are sure to help the region.

As a side note, the Oversight Board's recent letter to our Mayor talked about his lack of COOPERATION. Months ago, an AP article and public statements from mentioned that the fiscal crisis is much less of a problem than the cooperation crisis. Now the rest are coming to see what many have know for a long time. At the public parks, pools, rec centers and playgrounds -- we teach our kids how to play well with others. Well, no need to rant from CHINA in this email. Understand real solutions are being put forth from these quarters -- and I'd love to have you help with the buzz.

At 6:30 pm, June 17 at South Vo Tech Library (yes, the only high school pending a closure -- sadly) we'll hold another forum and have a presentation from Penn State Univ. Extensions that shows resources for program leaders, parents, volunteers, coaches. Please download, print and pass along the one page PDF to invite your circle of contacts -- http://Play.CLOH.Org/hot/sos-june.pdf

Please save the date for a concert: This IS America. Expect a wonderful event slated for 6 pm on Friday, June 10 at the South Side's Club Cafe... http://S6.CLOH.Org.

Finally, the web log of this China trip is on-hold until either our return, or for next year's Cannes film festival. No sense in a making a distraction from watching the show with date and times above -- nor from reading version one of the position paper -- yet alone the third Harry Potter.

To make public remarks, email Parks-Positions-Noise at CLOH.Org

Thanks for your help.

Mark Rauterkus
china at Rauterkus.Com -----> best while on the road

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