Thursday, May 13, 2004

[via China] Fw: lazarus is empty and its best use


I'm writting from Chengdu, western China, about the empty, subsidized Lazarus. The economy in China is overheating. One report credited China for 25% of the world's volume for economic transactions.

Rather than one store, (Walmart or Target), or even two, (Circuit City), let's convert the space into a home for 200 shops.

Chengdu's computer row has a number of larger buildings with seemingly countless vendors, dealers, reps, agents, and very brisk business. Hundreds of places sell digital cameras. Within blocks, computer desk makers, paper suppliers, printers, copy centers and more mp3 players than you can imagine.

The small business marketplace is Pittsburgh's weakness. More organic, diverse, cutting-ege, creative, companies with local owners are needed. I think all subsidized development is lame, but handouts to ONE corporate neighbor and not 200, is 200-times worse.


Mark Rauterkus
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