Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Re: July 11 -- suggested service blurb

Thanks for taking care of the loose end on the service on July 11. It will be great. Mindy is a gas and very very talented.

China is something else. We are very happy to be here -- but a bit out of step with the ways that are all around us. But, we are flexible and trying.

The boys are both great and bad -- each day -- each in his own right. You know parenting. Man, if only they could get at bit more at ease with each other and stay that way. Now they are in a nap and doing well for 2 hours. But this AM -- Erik was under my skin. They it was Grant yesterday.

Catherine's class is going well. The students are smart as can be and very dedicated.

Our e-toys -- my digital camera, etc., are not doing that well. So, my web log is not where I expected it to be.

I'm not getting many high-level interactions -- yet -- but perhaps that is to be expected. I'm just with the boys and we feel more like tourists. I had hoped to interact more at the swim pool with the other coaches. Oh, well.

Each day is full of new eye - opening observations.

Got to go.

Thanks again. Full slide shows and details upon our return.

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