Friday, August 07, 2009

Fishing for water polo players.

Two of my children are in the PPS IB program. I'd love to invite youand your kids to these activities.

We are trying hard to get the word out to all that a new activity isstarting on Monday at 11 am. Water Polo. And, it is going to continueas the principal at Schenley High School recently wrote a letter tothe PIAA saying that water polo will be a non varsity sport there!

I am most excited about these opportunities for fitness and fun in sports.
A one page PDF is attached.

Morning Sessions are with Citiparks support at the outdoor, 50-meter,swim pool at Ammon Rec Center, 2216 Bedford Ave. This winter thosefacilities had a $600,000 fix up. Times in the water from 11 to 12:30.Cost is $0. The successful swim coaches at Frick are both going tohelp with the program from time to time.

Evening Sessions are at the JCC Monroeville, outdoors, at their FamilyPark. There is a fee if you take part in those sessions.

We are looking for kids ages 10 and older who are with comfort in thewater. We are especially interested in high school kids too, at thistime. Both boys and girls, and even adults.

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