Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hey IOC, We don't want the Olympics in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh can't even host the Keystone State Games.
I worry about Chicago hosting the Olympics in 2016, if that should come to pass.

We have to worry about the G-20 in September. They have yet to cancell schools for then. Nor have they even picked a slogan to put on the signs that are going to adorn the highways from the airport by September 1.

Heck the nonprofit foundation that was started two years ago by Dan Onorato, The Parks Foundation, has yet to hold a blasted meeting.

I love the Olympics at many levels. I went to Beijing in 2008 as an independent sports fan and blogger. We travel. We coach. We play hard.

Holy Cow. Let's focus on Chicago. Good job with the distance on the Pittsburgh idea.

Next big sports moment for us is The Great Race the same weekend as the G-20 in September. Then we need to change the rules of Major League Baseball so that the teams that suck are relegated to the minors.

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