Thursday, February 10, 2011

435 volunteers

Steve's idea makes sense:
With redistricting we will have 435 new US congressional districts by 2012.

How about creating a loose network of 435 non-partisan, non-aligned Facebook
Pages for each district?

Each page would be designed for people who live in the new district to
exchange views across the political spectrum.

My experience is that participation in each page will need to be built and
someone(s) needs to tend the garden so to speak to remove spam and really
abusive stuff IF you want sustained quality participation. (If you prefer
pitched battles among the most partisan 1% then run it on auto-pilot.)

So, why not have each page built as a student project with students from
different ideological perspectives working together to make it work and
learn how to facilitate and recruit online. Key is seeding discussions with
news and links of direct relevance to the district and local implications of
national policy.

Anyone want to take this idea and run with it? Contact us:

(P.S. There is actually an example of a virtual parlimentary constituency
discussion in Kenya like this. Why not in the U.S.?)

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