Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Earth Dog Tonight - for those in WV, rather than cheer against Pitt at 9 pm or burn your couch should they pull an upset

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My 13 year old son, Nico, asked me yesterday:

Dad, what's a civil liberty?

Well, Nico, in some countries, if citizens want to meet, to assemble, to discuss politics, they can't.

If they try to assemble, the police will come and bust it up.

In the USA, we can meet openly.

We can discuss politics, and the police can't do anything about it.

We have this thing call a civil liberty, this freedom -- to meet, to assemble, and to speak.

Which is what we are doing tonight.

At the Earth Dog Cafe in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

Featured speakers:

Dr. Margaret Flowers on the failure of private health insurance industry -- and what we can do about it.

And Kevin Zeese on the $700 million a day we spend in Iraq and Afghanistan -- and what we can do about it.

Plus a Q/A session.

We've had a good response to our initial publicity for this event.

Should be more than 100 people there tonight.

Earth Dog Cafe.

Tonight -- 6 pm to 9 pm.

Music by The Hayride Trio.

It's the second in a series of monthly meetings to discuss the political economy of the USA.

Hope you can join us tonight.


Russell Mokhiber

PS: See yesterday's article in the Martinsburg Journal here:

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