Monday, October 31, 2011

Commissioner Miller Mt. Lebanon Update

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From: Daniel Miller <>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 14:49:21 -0400
Subject: Commissioner Miller Mt. Lebanon Update


It has been awhile since my last Commission Update email so I thought it would be good to recap some recent issues before the 2012 Budget Hearings begin. 

One quick note to start with- if you would like to keep up on my latest work as 5th Ward Commissioner and Commission President, you can now follow me on Twitter @DanielLMiller. I will attempt to use this account frequently over the next two months and during our budget discussions to provide greater insight into Commission decision-making progress. Hope to see you there!

Below are highlighted topics of note and links to more information available on my website at

Recreation Pool and Field Improvements

Many people know that the Municipality was considering up to $12-15 million worth of Pool and Field improvements when I was elected in 2007. I worked throughout my term with a variety of Commissioners to present a flexible plan to handle both issues for no more than $7 million. The following lists of posts gives the most recent updates on that topic:

1) Motion for Staff Report on all related issues regarding possible Municipal Pool and Field improvements- information available here

2) Full text of Compromise Rec Improvement Resolution with historical account- information available here

3) Synopsis of Defeat of Rec Improvement Resolution- information available here

4) Latest on Compromise Rec Resolution- information available here

5) The Importance of Transparency- What is a RFP?- information available here

Municipal Website Updates

1) New Online Taxpayer Receipt coming- information available here

2) Update on New Municipal website progress- information available here

Magazine Article

In my final MTL Magazine Article I talk up some of the tough decisions we have made in relation to cost-cutting measures that impacted our Municipal staff- but not our services.

1) My latest and final MTL Magazine Article- information available here

Parking Authority Consolidation

1) Consolidation on target for end of the year- information available here

Mt. Lebanon Veterans Memorial Update

1) Big grant received and bid awarded- information available here

Other New Initiatives

1) A bipartisan effort was passed to treat our full time employees equally- information available here

2) New program in Lebo adding greater security for at-risk wanderers- information available here

Quick note as to the upcoming Election:

As some of you may know, although I have been honored to serve on the Mt. Lebanon Commission I have decided not to seek another term. This means that the Commission might have as many as three new Commissioners in January. I hope that all of you who have cared enough to contact me with questions during the last fours years will likewise care enough to vote on November 8th. These positions are very important to our town so I urge you to make an informed decision. To assist with your research I have included the following candidate websites/emails for your convenience: 

John Bendel-

Kristen Linfante-

Joe DeIuliis- no known website but I email him at

Bill Hoon- no known website but I email him at

Kelly Fraasch-

and we do have the following School Board candidates-

James Cannon-

Ed Kubit/Scott Goldman-

Elaine Cappucci, Larry Lebowitz, and Bill Cooper-


Dan Miller

5th Ward Commissioner

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