Monday, October 31, 2011

Judge for sale: David W.

A press release issued today by the Republicans regarding the Democrats' attempt to buy their way on to Pennsylvania's Superior Court.
Judge For Sale 
After issuing a pledge to refuse contributions from "third-party, big money, special interest groups" that have an "infecting influence in Pennsylvania elections," Democrat candidate for Superior Court David Wecht took $300,000 from a PAC bankrolled by Philadelphia trial lawyers in a desperate attempt to buy his way to victory. That's $300,000, or 60% of his fundraising, coming from a special interest group. 
Sound suspicious? 
We're sounding the alarm on David Wecht's attempt to buy his way onto the bench and I hope you will join our fight. 
There are a few things you can do: 
-Contact your local newspaper and write a letter to the editor denouncing Wecht's attempt to buy justice. E-mail us if you need assistance. 
-Donate to the PA GOP and help us fight against these special interests 
-Help us elect principled candidates to the bench instead and volunteer for Vic Stabile for Superior Court and Anne Covey for Commonwealth Court. 
I hope you will join us to send a simple message: justice is not for sale. 
Valerie Caras Communications and Technology Director Republican Party of Pennsylvania

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