Friday, October 28, 2011

Chip in for fighting with the SEA to save the Civic Arena 

Last week, a judge denied the SEA’s request for “summary affirmance”. This means that the case to prevent demolition of the Pittsburgh Civic Arena will likely be heard and we must file additional paperwork for our appeal next week unless we withdraw the case due to lack of funds!

In Thursday’s Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Mary Conturo, SEA Exec Director, confirmed that the SEA still intends to apply for federal funding. This statement adds further validity that the SEA is breaking the spirit, if not the letter, of the federal preservation law in demolishing the Civic Arena. This could provide further ammunition for our appeal.

Board members of Preservation Pittsburgh are tentatively committing an additional $20,000 in pledges toward our legal fees. We need a match for us to reach our need of $58,000 We need to act quickly!

Even though demolition of the roof has already started, the SEA has not yet deconstructed the structural part of the roof – only the removal of surface stainless steel and asbestos. We don’t know when our appeal will be heard. If we should win, we could ask for an injunction to stop further demolition before our case is heard in district court. In the meantime, demolition continues.

This case has the potential to set national implications for the anticipatory demolition provisions of Federal Law. Preservation cases around the country could be affected by the outcome of this case. We also need time to recruit a world class organization, Cirque du Soleil as a prime tenant! Go to to learn more!

Scott Leib, Preservation Pittsburgh

Rob Pfaffmann, Reuse the Igloo!

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