Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fw: How Will We Answer Them?

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From: "John Tate" <>
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 12:54:18 -0800
To: Liberty Activist<>
Subject: How Will We Answer Them?

Dear Liberty Activist,

After last night's debate, The Drudge Report ran with the headline "Paul's Time to Rise?" 

Frankly, the answer to that question is up to us.

I hope Dr. Paul can count on you to make your most generous contribution toward our efforts right away.

Since Ron Paul announced he was running, this campaign has been working hard to put the Champion of the Constitution in the White House.

Thanks to your support, we've bypassed the media blackout by sending millions of pieces of direct mail, making thousands of phone calls, running top-notch ads, installing seasoned professionals in key primary and caucus states, and doing everything else we can to take Dr. Paul's message directly to the American people.

Now, the moment we have been building toward is here.

Recent polls have revealed Ron Paul to be in a statistical tie for first place in Iowa and solidly in second place in New Hampshire.

Every day, our campaign is adding more supporters, as staff and volunteers reach out to their family, friends, and neighbors about Ron Paul’s unmatched record of consistent conservative leadership.

Last night's debate once again showcased why so many Americans are sending Ron Paul to the front of the race.

It's clear he is the only candidate who understands the true nature of the threats facing America and recognizes how deeply our debt crisis threatens our national security, our economic future, and the kind of country we will leave to our kids and grandkids.

It's also clear that Ron Paul is the only candidate with the proven track record of addressing these challenges with the solutions found in freedom.

As the other candidates voiced their support for more out-of-control spending on nation-building boondoggles and attacking our civil liberties through the misnamed "Patriot" Act, Ron Paul stood for a common-sense national defense that will leave our country strong, secure, and respected.

With the establishment on their side, you can be sure the other candidates will continue to spread their views far and wide.

But how strongly our campaign can respond to their attacks and continue to contact millions of Americans with the truth about Dr. Paul's message depends on you.

Please make your most generous contribution right away.

What we have accomplished so far has rocked the political establishment.

They thought for sure that their blackout would leave us discouraged and out of the running.

Instead, it's only further fueled our determination to win.

Undecided voters and those previously supporting other candidates are now taking a deeper look at Ron Paul, and it's critical we have every resource necessary to reach as many of them as possible.

We know Ron Paul is the only one with a serious plan to cut spending by $1 TRILLION in the first year of his presidency and deliver a fully balanced budget by year three.

We know Ron Paul is the only one who understands how the Federal Reserve has destroyed our economy and who will put a stop to its outrageous, secretive actions.

We know Ron Paul is the one who enjoys the most support from active duty servicemen and women – more, in fact, than all of his opponents combined!

We know Ron Paul is the man this country needs to return to prosperity.

But now many are wondering if this is his time.

If voters are finally ready for the message of freedom.

And if we can rise to the challenge and do what it takes to put Ron Paul in the White House.

How history will record that we answered those questions depends on the actions we're willing to take today.

Please, click here to contribute whatever you are able to the Ron Paul campaign.

Every dollar – whether $1,000, $100, or $10 – will go toward finishing this race in victory!

I hope Ron Paul can count on you today.

For Liberty,

John Tate
Campaign Manager

P.S. Ron Paul is on the rise, and now undecided voters and those who previously supported other candidates are taking a deeper look at our campaign.

Many are asking if this movement can rise to the challenge and seize on our momentum.

How history will record we answered them depends on the actions we're willing to take today.

Please, click here to donate whatever you are able so we can continue to reach millions of Americans with Ron Paul's message of freedom and WIN this race!

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