Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A school plan from Walter Reid for PPS, FWIW N@

Source is reported to be, WALTER REID  JET1931@AOL.COM and his plan:
Walter A. Reid
I have devised a plan that may help improve the quality of education of urban public schools. This plan will offer competition to charter, private and perhaps voucher schools, and will halt or slow down the outflow of our better parental managed students.
The public school teachers are dedicated hard workers however, they now find themselves in a pickle.  This is because some students lack motivation and don't like school.  The teachers are faced with student apathy, absenteeism and parental neglect.   The neglected children should have an assisted living facility, but that is another matter.  Yet the teacher is often blamed, by conservative groups who feel they have the answers.  Therefore, the teachers now have the responsibility to indoctrinate our children in a system that may give them the incentive to remain in school.  This regimental training will give our children a chance at life.  This will then increase the property value and outlook about the community.  The public school teacher must recognize the importance of competitiveness and organization in our public schools in order to compete with charter, private and perhaps voucher schools. 
I believe school should start 8:00 am and close at 5:00 pm. from grades 1 through 9. 
Teachers who do not teach Math, English and Science should arrive at 8:00 am and remain until 3:00 pm.  The Math, English and Science teachers should start 10:00 am and remain until 5:00 pm. 
The students will stay until 5:00 pm.  From 4:00 pm until 5:00 pm the students are to remain to do Math, English and Science homework daily with the Math, English and Science teachers present.  If a student should encounter any difficulty, this would be the teacher’s responsibility. 
By obtaining a note from the parent the student could remain after 5:00 pm to 5:30 for a snack.
Reasons listed below are:
1)      Study after study found students learn better with a later start time.
2)      The children are often neglected in their own environment.  No reading material is in some homes nor parental guidance given.
3)      The additional two hours will slow down gang recruitment.
4)      A snack is given, in case the child has nothing to eat at home.
5)      My plan may probably cut down on our prison population our tax dollars are paying for.
Today’s climate of austerity is forcing us to grapple with the reality, and a good deal of our current education spending is ill directed.  Teachers will always be the key to unlocking student’s imaginations.  As an example Algebra is a gatekeeper course for some of us.   Failure to master the subject means exclusion from advanced mathematics and reducing chances of admission to a selective college. We can no longer afford not to emphasize the importance of our children contributing to our country.
You as a teacher are our leaders, and will be long remembered by children into adulthood thru your unselfishness and generosity towards them. If it were not for teachers in public education, we would not be able to express ourselves, as I have.

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