Wednesday, November 09, 2011

PSU predictions N@

Do the victims expand (be it at a much smaller measure) to include the 55 men on the football team today, and the 20 woman volleyball squad in 2014 if $20-M evaporates at PSU because of an abrupt removal of people due to a wicked backlash?

It is an honest question.

An airplane pilot can be pulled out of the drivers seat because a co pilot some years ago became an accused rapist. But there is a full plane of different people still in flight. Auto pilot can't land that jumbo jet with confidence. We have time, space and relationship problems and these matters need to be measured in real time.

My guess is Jo Pa is in the press box on Saturday in Nebraska and is not on the sidelines or even in the stadium the final two regular season games. He will get to talk to the team a few more times. He will get to game prep with film and such. All the assistants will be gone after the regular season. A bowl game might be declined. Who in the world hires the next staff is for another day.

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