Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fwd: No Clue

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Subject: No Clue

Dear Liberty Activist,

"You don't have a clue!"

That's what my Campaign Chairman, Jesse Benton, said to an MSNBC talking head yesterday who was belittling my chances at winning the Republican nomination.

The truth is, Jesse was 100% right.  I'll explain everything shortly.

But first, Liberty Activist, if you haven't yet contributed to my Give Me Liberty Money Bomb, please do so IMMEDIATELY!

You see, the reality is that my campaign is racking up delegates in state after state, but it's absolutely critical I reach $1 million . . .

With your support, my campaign will keep winning incredible victories like we saw in Missouri today!

Just hours ago, St. Louis City and Jackson County – the second largest county in the state – held their caucuses to elect delegates to the Congressional District and State Conventions.

The results?

***    In St. Louis City, my supporters completely SWEPT the caucus – winning ALL 36 delegates and alternates to the District and State Conventions;

***    In Jackson County, after five hours of caucusing, my supporters won the overwhelming majority of delegates, doubling the number of the next closest candidate.

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As a result, I'm now leading the delegate count in the largest caucus state in the entire country!

Rick Santorum?


While several weeks ago, Rick Santorum spent days campaigning to win Missouri's meaningless straw poll beauty pageant, my campaign was working hard to win the votes that really matter – Missouri's delegates.

That's because my campaign is strategic, smart – and very frugal with our donors' hard-earned money.

I'm making sure we spend our resources where it counts

Rick Santorum can be elected beauty queen all he wants. 

I'll stick to delegate hunting.

And all this success is despite the establishment's attempt to shut out patriots like you from participating in their elections.

Remember what happened last week in St. Charles County, Missouri, when GOP officials declared the caucus over with no winner and no delegates elected?

Well, the Missouri GOP is holding a new caucus in St. Charles – and has guaranteed a free and open process.

They've even agreed to allow TV cameras in to film the Caucus.

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Liberty Activist, this is just one example of where you and I are WINNING where it counts in state after state.

But if we're going to take an army of delegates from Nevada, Iowa, Washington State, Alaska, Missouri, and elsewhere to the National Convention, the bottom line is my campaign must have the resources to continue organizing at the next level.

That's why I'm hoping you'll make a generous contribution to my Give Me Liberty Money Bomb!

Your generous contribution will be put to immediate use in my campaign's hunt for delegates.

So please, dig deep and make a contribution to my campaign's Give Me Liberty Money Bomb IMMEDIATELY!

You and I are ROCKING the entire political establishment nationwide.

Now we must finish the job.

Please contribute TODAY!

Together, you and I can Restore America NOW!

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S.   After the results of today's Missouri Caucuses, I am now leading in the delegate count in the Show Me State.

But the battle is still raging on, and I must have the resources to continue organizing these delegates for the next step of the process.

So please make the most generous contribution you possibly can afford to my Give Me Liberty Money Bomb!   

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