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Heavyweights In Ron Pauls Corner  Help Change The MSM Story!

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Fri Apr 6, 2012 1:37 pm (PDT)

These speakers are familiar with the language used by the target audience and can relay Dr. Paul's message to them better than he could himself. Any help YOU could give me in promoting these speakers to new media, talk radio and the MSM would be hugely appreciated. Feel free to share my contact information with producers, editors, reporters and show hosts, and I'll line em' up! 206-501-9221

There are 3 key coalition groups that we need to win over the GOP - and when we do it will be a Ronslide from there on out!

1. National Defense (Represented by Veterans For Ron Paul 2012)
Colonel Doug Macgregor (ret) is a decorated combat veteran, the author of four books, a PhD, and a spokesman of the Veterans for Ron Paul 2012. The Veterans For Ron Paul organized a military/veterans march on Washington D.C.

Adam Kokesh, veteran and co-founder of Veterans for Ron Paul 2012 is also available for interviews representing this coalition.!/VetsforRonPaul?sk=info Adam is planning for a bigger march on the RNC this August

Michael Scheuer, former head of the CIA's Bin Laden unit and author of Imperial Hubris has endorsed Ron Paul and is available for interviews. If Colonel Macgregor is like an Abrams tank brigade gunning down neocon foreign policy idiocy, Michael Scheuer is an atom bomb!

2. Bible (Represented by Christians For Ron Paul) Pastor Brian Jacobs of the Metroplex Family Church who used to work with Rev. Billy Graham, is a spokesman of Christians for Ron Paul, and has been sending 1,000's of DVD's to fellow Christian leaders. It was Pastor Jacobs that introduced Rev. Graham to President George W. Bush during the 2000 election.

Minister Derrick Grayson, (aka TMOT) is also a spokesman of Christians For Ron Paul and has been making hard hitting and entertaining videos in support of Ron Paul.

Dr. Walter Block is a founding member of Jews for Ron Paul and is also available for interviews.

3. 2nd Amendment (Represented by Gun Owners For Ron Paul) Gary Marbut is the President of the Montana Shooting Sports Association and is also spokesman of Gun Owners For Ron Paul 2012. Gary has been featured on the Glenn Beck Show and other nationwide media for his work protecting the 2nd Amendment.

To liberal, independent and libertarian media I've been promoting Robin Koerner. Robin is the founder and editor of, also writes at the Huffington Post and has started the "Blue Republican" movement of Democrats and Independents supporting Ron Paul. You can read his article that started it all here -
The facebook group and website that has grown from this article can be found here -

And last but definitely not least I've been promoting Jun Dam to libertarian media. Jun is the founder of Grassroots for Liberty SuperPAC, is also behind (check out their petition drive!) has set up a phone for Ron Paul from home program, has hosted contests, and helped get supporters to Iowa. Jun rocks!

Even if you don't have personal media connections, just sending out emails/faxes and making phone calls is a huge help!

To Victory! Ron Paul 2012!

In Liberty, Zak Carter 

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Dear Liberty Activist,

You and I know that no other candidate can claim such passionate and enthusiastic supporters as Dr. Paul.

But what our campaign has witnessed over the past couple of weeks has been truly astounding, even for our Revolution.

The number of people now coming to our events is shattering all our previous records for attendance.

On Thursday, over 8,500 people came to hear Dr. Paul speak at UC-Berkeley.

On the Tuesday and Wednesday before that, Dr. Paul attracted crowds of more than 6,000 at UCLA and over 6,200 at Cal State – Chico!

So don’t give in to the media’s story that this race is over.

It remains unlikely that any candidate will reach the number of delegates required to secure the nomination, and I believe Dr. Paul’s message of individual freedom, limited government, and personal responsibility is more popular than ever!

And now, Dr. Paul needs your help to demonstrate that not only are his supporters still dedicated to spreading our message, but they are willing to fund this campaign all the way to Tampa.

Our campaign is holding another Money Bomb on April 15, and I wanted to send you a “Save the Date” notice for this important effort.

Our government is growing more out of control each day, and every year we are reminded of the massive bureaucracy it has become when we are forced to sort through a maze of forms just to keep as much as we can of our own hard-earned money.

Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who can be trusted to get rid of the IRS and stop the government’s plundering.

But to continue his march to the Convention and keep recruiting delegates at hundreds of meetings all across the country, he needs your help.

This week, we’ll send you a link where you can pledge to donate on April 15th, and I hope you will give whatever you can.

Any amount helps Dr. Paul reach another voter and fight for another delegate spot.

Together, you and I can elect Ron Paul and Restore America Now!

For Liberty,

John Tate
Campaign Manager

P.S. Our campaign is holding another Money Bomb on April 15th, and I wanted to send you a “Save the Date” notice for this critical effort.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who can be trusted to turn the lights off at the IRS, and he is ready to continue his march all the way to Tampa as long as he can count on your support.

We’ll send a link soon where you can pledge to donate, and I hope Dr. Paul can count on your most generous contribution on April 15th.