Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Informika 6.0 School is released

State Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications
(Informika) and JSC ALT Linux have developed and released a
set of distributions Informika 6.0 School that includes:

* Informika 6.0 School Server
* Informika 6.0 School Teacher
* Informika 6.0 School Junior
* Informika 6.0 School Master

* Zero-cost end-user license fee;
* –°entralized administration of pupil computers;
* Deep customization;
* –°entralized authentication via directory service;
* Network boot of diskless nodes that store personal data on server;
* High security and virus protection;
* Graphical interface on server (disabled by default).
* Special School Server images are ready to install to Hyper-V

Distribution images are available at:

Happy using!

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