Saturday, September 22, 2012

Teachers do, a nice story in the P-G.

P-G article with a nice story

But it is built on a falsehood that the school yards empty now that school has begun.

My $.02 posted via FB:

Great story and article. Many in my family have been teachers and I get those questions on a regular basis about my dad, uncle, cousins, grandparents. Fun and rewarding.

One quibble, the start of school does not and should not mean and end to school yard times. School sports and recreation at school facilities after and before the bells ring are IMPORTANT. We as parents and community must coach our kids below their heads. Fitness, metalwork, and the heart are too often discounted in non academic times, and we all are less because of that evil practice.

Now that school has started, get fit, let's use the schoolyards, let's coach play and sporting opportunities.

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