Sunday, September 02, 2012

Ride of Silence - Update

1) We are riding in the morning rain or shine.

2) Sunrise is at 6:48 AM. So everyone is street legal when we
start at 7 AM. Front and back lights are always sensible, especially
if it is overcast.

3) Fyi, after consultation with the national Ride of Silence
organizers, what we are doing tomorrow is a "Ride of Silence style
Tribute Ride for c James Price, Anthony Green, (and other bicyclists
killed or injured). They want to reserve the name "Ride of Silence"
for the world-wide coordinated May event. We will get the title right
next time.

4) Remember, we are aiming to ride legal and sensible tomorrow.
All, please help marshal to that effect.

5) As to speed, let's consider the ride from Oakland to Penn
Avenue as a "transit" at a controlled but comfortable speed. When we
turn onto Penn Avenue, we'll follow Ride of Silence rules there and
back (slow, quiet, and respectful). Once we pass Penn Circle, let's
go in to controlled "transit mode" again to get people back.

6) I'll be looking for 4-8 riders to help control the front.
We'll also need some to sweep, and guide middle groups too.

7) I don't have a camera right now. Several people, please take
some pictures or videos to share.

8) Crossing the Bloomfield Bridge to return to Oakland, we can
stay in the right lane to turn left.

Jim Logan

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