Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fwd: New Dawn, New Possibilities. Pledge for Stretch

THANK YOU! We crossed the line yesterday. More Stretch Goals include Windows Mobile
New Dawn: New Possibilities
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Pledge for Stretch

We Made It! A huge THANK-YOU to everyone who pledged, tweeted, facebooked and did all the outreach that meant we crossed the line yesterday. LiveCode Next Generation will become reality.

Today, we have already made two of the three stretch goals we posted, so we're ready to offer you some more! We've still got 19 hours left, what can we do for you...?


Physics Engine Physics Engine:
we'll do this if we hit £417,000

Perfect for writing games and animation rich apps. Add a new 'sprite' layerMode to acceleratedRendering mode to enable fast GPU-based image transformation. Move popular graphic effects such as drop shadows to the GPU. Then using this, adding support for the Box2D physics engine.


Windows/Phone 8 with Theme:
we'll do this if we hit £424,000

So many people have asked for Windows Mobile support since RT was launched! Doing the Cocoa layer first brings this within reach. You'll be able to build your mobile apps seamlessly for iOS, Android AND modern Windows Mobile platforms. How cool is that?


dasVector Shape Object:
we'll do this if we hit £434,000

Like the graphic object on steroids. Sub-pixel positioning, shape determined by intrinsic properties (i.e. width of rectangle, radius of circle etc.). 'Group' type, containing a collection of shapes to be nested - and imported/exported in a (subset of) SVG.


Reworked Multimedia Support:
we'll do this if we hit £441,000

Multi-channel sound on the platforms that don't yet have it. Upgraded Player control using latest native video libraries on all platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android). Sound recording cross-platform - 'record sound' on mobile as well as desktop.


New Browser Control:
we'll do this if we hit £450,000

Upgraded to be one control for all platforms for identical rendering of web content. (Use WebKit on both Desktop and Mobile.)

Reaching these totals means that we will start work on these items in parallel. Some of these items do have dependencies on other items being completed first (Pluggable Themes & Cocoa is essential before Windows RT for example). We'll work to deliver those items with dependencies as quickly as we can. We expect to be able to deliver everything within a few months of the main release.

We cannot wait to start work on these great features for you! Let's see how far we can get in the remaining 19 hours!

Pledge for Stretch

Stretch Goals: Windows Mobile and Physics Engine

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