Wednesday, February 06, 2013

PPS Attendance matters, plus Senior night at pool. H2O = Hail 2 Obama!

Hi Friends,

With all the noise about attendance at PPS in the media, it is good to know of a bright spot. See below as we honor 14, devoted senior swimmers.

Plus at 6 AM swims practice this week we had 20, 17 and 12 each on M, T and W.
FYI, three boys in Summer Dreamers Swim and Waterpolo Camps in past years are on the Varsity Swim Team now. Six more worked as staffers.

One other tidbit on attendance, our biggest trouble point in Summer Dreamers Swim and Waterpolo Camp was guarding the door to prevent kids from sneaking into our sessions. We had waiting lists. We got scolded for recruiting, but really so many were having fun and learning they told their friends. PPS record showed Waterpolo at 95% attendance in 2012, and that included the need for all kids to run 1 mile over and back to the pools in The Hill.

I really wish we were offering, robust year round, "Dreamers" at PPS with Swim and Waterpolo so our kids could get invested in their teams, fitness, schools and academics. Let's all replicated and empowered what is proving to really work wonders in our community and hooked to athletics.

Go, go, go!


Coach Mark Rauterkus

PS: Heard that high school students in National Honors Society have been asked, because of funding issues, to tutor middle school kids now. Rather, let's get those senior and smart students, our swim team really, to teach swimming and play waterpolo with the kids. Then greatness can happen with self esteem, relationships, mentoring, sportsmanship and rule following. Then the academics can flow for the individuals and institutions.

PSS: Friday's visit with USA Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer, Cullen Jones, with black history month, has the potentials to be special. He is at Obama at noon and UPrep at 2 pm. FYI, in April, three other USA Olympians, Waterpolo players, visit Pitt for a weekend clinic with Tiger Waterpolo (community, club program that supports our Summer Dreamers), and we will get our kids and the media to interact as well.
Footnote: Sam's fist season of swimming this year, as a senior, happens as he is registered and training for the May 2013 Pittsburgh Marathon, his first.

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From: "Mark Rauterkus" for Morning Announcements
Date: Feb 6, 2013 7:01 AM
Subject: Senior night

The last home meet for the swim team is tomorrow, Thursday, at 6 pm against Bishop Canevin. This is our senior night and we honor our greatest class of seniors ever in the city swim scene.
The team as 14 seniors including three time PIAA swimmer Erik. Plus:

And, Sam Lapp who will compete in his first ever swim event on Thursday.
Win the section.
Go Seniors!
Swimmers have AM swim on Thursday and should be at the meet by 5 pm.

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