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City council debate for Hill District

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Hill District Consensus Group

News & Events

March 4, 2013

HDCG Monthly Membership Meeting

The Hill District Consensus Group holds a monthly membership meeting on the second Friday of every month. 

Friday, March 8th, 2013 10:00AM - 12:00PM Hillman Auditorium, Kaufmann Center

The Consensus Group welcomes all  members, Hill residents, and all folks interested in the well-being of the neighborhood.  Hope to see you there!



District 6 Candidates Forum
Friday, April 12th
6:00PM - 8:00PM
Kaufmann Center, Hillman Auditorium, 1825 Centre Avenue
The Consensus Group is organizing a District 6 Candidates Forum ahead of the upcoming primaries.

Candidates will have the opportunity to connect with constituents and communicate their positions on issues important to the community. At the same time, it gives residents a chance to ask questions and get to know the candidates.

What issues do YOU care about? What problems or opportunities do you want your City Council-person to address?
Bring your questions to the next Consensus Group meeting for a chance to have them included in the forum discussion.

Stay tuned for more details!

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Upcoming Events
Clean Green Hill Meeting

Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Hill House Conference Rm A, 1835 Centre Ave

Clean Green Hill will be holding a meeting to discuss plans for the upcoming Spring. Clean Green Hill is a local, volunteer-driven organization that works to clean up and green up the Hill District. The group organizes residents and other volunteers to clean up and beautify the neighborhood.

Want to learn more? Attend this meeting and see how YOU can get involved!

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Medicaid Expansion Hearing

Friday, March 8th, 2013
10:00AM - 12:00PM

Wyndham University Center (formerly Holiday Inn University Center) 100 Lytton Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Senator Jim Ferlo & Senator Vincent Hughes and the Senate Democratic Appropriations Committee invite you to attend a hearing on:

Medicaid Expansion

Pennsylvania has the opportunity to make a decision that will:

  • Provide access to health insurance to a half million Pennsylvanians.
  • Infuse 4 billion federal dollars into Pennsylvania's budget.
  • Create an estimated 285,000 jobs over 10 years.
  • Relieve hospitals from $1 billion in uncompensated care costs.
  • Reduce burden on counties that currently provide insurance coverage for inmates and for mental health services.

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HDCG Monthly Meeting

Friday, March 8, 2013
10:00AM - 12:00PM
Hillman Auditorium, Kaufmann Center, Hill House

The Hill District Consensus Group holds a monthly membership meeting on the second Friday of every month.

Wish to attend? The Consensus Group welcomes all members, Hill residents, and all folks interested in the well-being of the neighborhood.

Hope to see you there!

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News Headlines

Addison Will Start Construction Summer 2013
KBK Enterprises

KBK Enterprises has released a newsletter featuring the upcoming Addison Terrace Redevelopment project:

"The design of the 186 units for Addison Phase 1 was approved by the City of Pittsburgh Fall 2012. We are anxiously working towards finalizing the project and look forward to starting construction spring 2013. The project has recently been accelerated due to a decision to reduce the amount of tax credits involved with the development. 734 units will be redeveloped into a 400 unit community and completed by 2017. 260 apartments will be constructed on the Addison Terrace site. The other 140 will be built nearby. Some will be subsidized, while others will go for market rents. The project's total cost is expected to approximately be $180 million."

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Portrayal and Perception: African American Men & Boys

"The multiple-part series explores how the media portrays African American males and how society views them as a result. The episodes also report on people and organizations working to spotlight positive rather than negative images."

Funding for Portrayal & Perception is made possible by the Heinz Endowments

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Lottery losers: Despite increase in lottery revenue, PA seniors get fewer community services
PublicSource PA

"When Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane ruled that Gov. Tom Corbett's contract for private management of the state lottery was illegal, proponents of privatization shot back that Kane's decision meant a loss of an additional $50 million for senior services.

Advocates said that having a private company running the lottery would increase receipts and eliminate growing waiting lists for senior services, which, by law, are supported by a percentage of lottery funds."

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What We Lose When Kids Can't Play in Their Own Streets
The Atlantic Cities

"Opening the streets to children means closing them to cars, and that's why these events are precisely that – special events, rather than common practices. When it comes to who has priority when accessing our roads, we now take it as a given in our society that cars are king. But when you watch the video on Playing Out's site, you start to wonder why we tolerate the conditions we live under so meekly."

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An Island Where There Is a Standard

"Deryl McCray was about 12 years old when he realized he didn't like the way his uncle cut his hair. So he did something about it. "I figured if he let me use clippers I'd probably do a better job than he did," he says. His uncle let him give it a try, and McCray promptly put his uncle out of the family hair-cutting business.

"I did a good job," he says. "My brothers saw it and they wanted my uncle to stop cutting their hair, and eventually my uncles saw it and they let me cut their hair, and then it became a venture from that day, where I became like the little community barber." After finishing high school in Washington state, McCray enlisted in the Army, became a paratrooper, and served in the Gulf War. After he'd served four years, it was a woman who lured him to Albany, N.Y. His wife had ties to the area, so McCray made the move. But the job opportunities he looked into didn't pan out."

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1,000 Stories Project
Duquesne University

"Hill House Association is again working with students from Duquesne University to gather narratives for our 1,000 Stories Project. Each semester we pick a different theme to concentrate on. This time we are seeking food-related stories. Recipes. Favorite meals. Recollections about dinner conversations. What food meant to your family. The stories will be read at a community event in April, placed on our website and shared with Leslie Ansley, who was commissioned to do the artwork for the new Shop 'N Save grocery store."

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Request for Proposals: 2013 Pittsburgh Summer Youth Employment Program
City of Pittsburgh 

"The City of Pittsburgh's Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission announces the issuing of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the 2013 Pittsburgh Summer Youth Employment Program.  Proposals are sought from organizations to create, organize and manage summer work experiences for youth, ages 14-21, in either Conservation Work, or Internships in business environments."

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States Take Sides As Court Revisits Voting Rights Act

"The U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments next week in a case that tests the constitutionality of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, the law considered the most effective civil rights statute in American history. At issue is whether a key provision of the statute has outlived its usefulness.

A staggering 49 friend of the court briefs have been filed, among them briefs from 11 states urging the court to either strike down or uphold the law. What is intriguing is that some of the states now arguing against the law were not troubled by its provisions just four years ago, the last time it was before the court."

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