Thursday, March 21, 2013

Summer Work as Swim & Waterpolo Coach and Lifeguard

Subject: Summer Work as Swim & Waterpolo Coach and Lifeguard

Apply for a job below:


On Friday I depart with my son, Grant, 9th grader, to Las Vegas for his Waterpolo Tournament as part of the USA Waterpolo Olympic Development Program. Then comes spring break. But, right after that, I'll want to touch base with you to do a phone conversation or two about working with our summer program.

This year's Swim & Waterpolo Camp as part of Pittsburgh Public Schools' Summer Dreamers is going to expand to 160 kids. But there are changes from the past, as always is the case with PPS.

Our activity is going to be at FIVE different sites:
Homewook's Faison
West End's PCA / Classical / Greenway
Hill District's U-Prep
South Hills at Carmalt 
and Downtown's CAPA.

Some sites have pools. Others we'll have to walk/run. One we get a daily bus to and from a pool / running site.

Running is going to be more of an emphasis at most sites this year. Start a running / jogging program for yourself now. Get good sneakers. Stay in shape. We'll be out in the afternoons. Runs will then hit the pool for a swim / cool off. So, waterpolo might be less important at some sites as public swim will be happening and getting out the balls and goals will be not possible. On colder days or when the pool is empty, that is another story / opportunity.

Camp starts on July 1. It goes for 28 days. The sixth week is with days of M-T-W and then the official camp ends.

We'll be starting early and ending late however. Plus, each day, we'll have some training opportunities in the morning. This way swimmers can train for themselves from 9-11, have lunch and then help others in the afternoons.

We'll have a literacy element too. I'm thinking of 3-foot tall A-B-Cs that are word specific and art filled. This will help in transition times, rain dates, with less active / injured kids, etc. More on that later. But, some research will be involved and group efforts. 

Each site has 20 kids per team. Some have 2 teams. Most do. Not CAPA. 

Each team has 3 of our staff people and 1 PPS teacher. So, do the math. I need a lot of workers. And, we need subs too as all can't work every week. 

Stay tuned. Feel free to call or email me whenever -- especially in a week or so for more insights.

I'm getting ready to order some equipment / balls/ caps / a digital clock to share among sites for race days / some blow-up goals perhaps / goggles.

We are going to make a towel and trunk drive and try to collect donations so we have a bag at every pool for those without to get on loan. 

I'll have a movie night or two this summer and we'll also have some meetings in advance of the camp for parents.

Our computer software will get a facelift too so all the sites will take attendance and those at the central office will know who we have where -- at all times. 

More news soon. 

This will be an exciting summer. Thanks for your interest in working with the kids of Pittsburgh.

Most of the kids are going to be just out of 3rd grade. We'll have some "training" to talk about the levels of progression and such too. 

Get your clearances together. All who are 18 and older need to get those to me soon enough. Give me only copies, of course.

It is okay to tell your friends and have them apply too. I still need some folks to come aboard. 


Mark Rauterkus  
PPS Summer Dreamers' Swim and Water Polo Camp Head Coach
Pittsburgh Combined Water Polo Team
412 298 3432 = cell

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