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(We are helping people that need help with the Affordable Care Act online application--see attached flyer. Please share out and post.)
Please share out with friends and peers that are looking for an engaging, challenging, and enriching new job.
Job description is also attached.


Job Title: Community Works Program Coordinator

Position Overview:

The Community Works Program is a partnership between Neighborhood Learning Alliance, Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, and Pittsburgh Public Schools that provides an academic after school program combined with career education and development activities, real work experience, and post secondary support. The program is designed for primarily 12th grade students. The majority of the students attend Pittsburgh University Prep and Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy.

Work days are Monday thru Friday with evening and weekend hours as needed. The Program Coordinator directs volunteers and support staff that assist with the program's operation.


1.      Recruit students and build strong relationships with all participants and their families.

  1. Manage all on-site operations of daily programming and off-site trips. This includes managing the site team of support staff and volunteers.
  2. Ensure production and distribution of program information documents, including schedules of academic and recreational activities, to participants and their families.
  3. Ensure students sign-in each day and that participation in all activities is documented.
  4. Build and maintain working relationships with school teachers, counselors, and administrators.
  5. Work directly with the school to process teacher referrals and collect data from the school on attendance, grades, standardized test scores, disciplinary actions, etc., to connect youth to appropriate afterschool academic services.
  6. Assist in the assignment of participants to worksites.
  7. Assist with the implementation of the "Youth Work Ready Certification" competencies: volunteerism, work experience, job shadowing, and assessments.
  8. Monitor students' success at their work placement and at the afterschool program site.
  9. Assist students with resume writing, interviewing skills, and career choices.
  10. Document using a case note format for all student / coordinator interactions.
  11. Work as a team with other coordinators.


Experience working with urban high school youth, Act 33/34 clearances, proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel, valid PA driver's license and reliable vehicle.  Familiarity with Pittsburgh Public Schools a plus. College degree highly preferred.

We offer:
 Health, Dental, Life Insurance, and Annual Salary ($30,000 to $33,000) based on experience


Send cover letter and resume to Rick Flanagan, Youth Development Director, to bgcafterschool

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