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Responsible Sport Parenting for USA Water Polo Parents WINTER 2013
In this issue: What Water Polo Teaches | Value of an Off-Season | Honoring The Game
What Water Polo Teaches

As the season winds down and you head into the off-season, it's a good time to stop and reflect: did my kids learn valuable life lessons from this season? Are they learning the things I had hoped that sport could teach them?

Learn more from the experts at Responsible Sports about potential life lessons your kids could - and maybe should - learn from their youth water polo experience.

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Responsible Sports
Value of an Off-Season

There are so many ways to use the off-season. Some coaches who are committed to a Mastery Approach, set goals for each player on new skills to practice and acquire. Other coaches stress conditioning. And still other coaches and parents encourage their players to play other sports and cross-train. Finally, some parents and coaches really want time away from the sport, trying to avoid burnout and overuse injuries.

Our experts had a chance to sit down and think through the off-season - and share their insights with you.

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Honoring the Game

You may have won your State Championships this year. Or you might have struggled, experienced a rebuilding season. But as your water polo season comes to a close, it's a great chance to talk to your kids about how they Honored The Game - in both victory and defeat. Did they congratulate their opponents? Did they thank the referee, even when a call went against them? Did they end the season with a thank you to their coach?

One of the lessons we hope our kids learn from water polo is sportsmanship. Here are some ideas for how you can Honor The Game and encourage your athlete to do so next season!

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