Thursday, December 05, 2013

Question about Eligibility with transfer students

Today's email to the Executive Director of the WPIAL:

Dear Mr. O'Malley,

If a student athlete at Robert Morris Univ is part of a team that gets cut, say women's golf, she can transfer to another NCAA program / school and not sit out a year. She can be eligible right away.

Does the same hold for high school students?

I read in today's paper that the sport of golf is getting cut, or is being proposed as a cut, at all Pittsburgh Public Schools. Let's say a kid is in the WPIAL and on the school's golf squad and wants to get a golf scholarship to college. Then the golf squad gets cut. Do the WPIAL athletes have the same ability to play sports as those provided to NCAA athletes in the wake of closed programs?

Can the golfer in high school move with his or her family and sell their home in the city and find a new permanent address in another district and go to school there -- away from his existing friends, etc. -- and play golf without needing to sit out a year?

Would a transfer student be eligible the next year even if sports are proven to be a motivator for the move from one district to another given that the former school CUT his or her sport? 

Can we make that outcome and rules clarification a POLICY of the WPIAL as soon as possible, if it is not already one at this time.

Thanks for your reply.

A reply came right away:
By current PIAA rule if a school discontinues a program for financial reasons the student is eligible if he / she transfers. There are a number of kids going from Sto-Rox to Montour for softball because Sto Rox discontinued softball and by rule are eligible.
Mike Gavlik

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