Saturday, November 22, 2014

Call for action starting

Helpers in Pittsburgh welcome to join with

Executive Head Coach, Swim & Water Polo Camp with Bloomfield-Garfield Corp's Summer Dreamers with Pgh Public Schools

Varsity Boys Swim Coach at Pittsburgh's Obama Academy (formerly Schenley but in Peabody's building)

Women's Water Polo at Carnegie Mellon University

Hear Coach Rauterkus on a recent BBC podcast. Follow link on

For City Kids, Fitness and Technology Literacy!

Hatching crowd-source funding plans via Indiegogo & Kickstarter for early 2015.

For rookies and professionals interested in:
- App making,
- Ebooks,
- Opensource Software,
- LiveCode,
- Computer Programming,
- Raspberry Pi,
- Mindfulness,
- Running, swimming, exercise, fitness, wellness,
- Inter-generational programming, or...
- City Kids and City Life?

Thanks for the consideration.

Call or Text: 412-298-3432
Email: Mark @ Rauterkus . com

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