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Hello All,


This is a reminder that there will be a meeting of the SW PA supporters of Public Banking this coming Saturday at 1:00 p.m. at the Carnegie Library on Mt. Washington.  The street address is 315 Grandview Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA.  As the e-mail from Mike Krauss (below) reminds us, there is much that is new and exciting on the push for public banking, not only in Pennsylvania but also all around the nation.  Now is the time for us to gather, review what has been happening and plan for action in Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania.  We hope that you will be able to attend on Saturday and that you will be able and willing to assist in this exciting project. 


On another note, I have been advised that parking is at a premium on Mt. Washington in the vicinity of the Carnegie Library (as it is most everywhere on Mt. Washington) so come prepared to walk a bit to the Library.


John, JT and I are looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.





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November 11, 2014

Dear Friends of Public Banking:

Not quite one month after our Philadelphia conference and the earlier conference in Santa Fe, and the energy of those events and the growing support for public banking is palpable.

The video of the Philly conference is about edited and will be up on the web site in perhaps a week.

The coming year will see the creation of more than one public bank here in Pennsylvania and elsewhere in this nation.

An expanded working group has formed in Philly, met already and will meet again on December 3rd  to plan the next steps to keep building the necessary  political will and begin the task of identifying the most useful legal framework for a public bank in that city. A special thanks to Conni Bille and Stan Pokras for moving that forward.

A similar working group will convene in Pittsburgh on the 15th of this month – this Saturday – to take similar steps. Thanks here to John Hemington, JT Campbell and John Leonard.

One task we have proposed for the Pittsburgh area team is to assist in the planning for a webinar to be broadcast from that city to college campuses and students, not only in our commonwealth, but nationwide in conjunction with the Public Banking Institute.

Led by our senior banker advisers, we will request the opportunity to meet formally with the PA Association of Community Bankers, many of whom are beginning to understand the utility of public banks to their struggling industry.

We daily gain new allies among mayors and city council members: in Reading, Allentown, Philly and Pittsburgh, as well as Boston, Rochester, Washington, DC,  Durham,  Chattanooga, Brunswick (GA), Phoenix, Seattle, Tacoma and elsewhere.

A national non-partisan public banking caucus of elected officials is in formation, and here in Pennsylvania we are now planning a briefing for legislators and staff in Harrisburg when the legislature reconvenes after the inauguration of the new governor.

How can you help?

1)      We need funding to see this work through to the creation of one or more municipal public banks in our commonwealth in the coming year. Our Pennsylvania Project has been granted formal status by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation, and you can make a tax deductible contribution via Pay Pal at www.publicbankingpa.org or send a check to Pennsylvania Project , Inc./ 2019 Edgely Rd. / Levittown, PA 19056 / Att: Christina.

2)      Reach out to your PA state senator and representative, and ask them to become familiar with public banking, so that as we build locally we can also create allies at the state level.

3)      Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

4)      Send a copy of this email to your own list of friends and colleagues. Ask them to visit the web site: www.publicbankingpa.org

If you want to contact legislators or send a letter to the editor, please let us know and we can forward to you a sample email/letter to legislators, and a sample letter to the editor. Please contact our student intern, Remi Bradkovich at Remi@publicbankingpa.org

Finally, the holidays approach and many of you will have sons and daughters (or grandchildren!) home from college for the holidays. 

Ask them to visit our web site.  www.publicbankingpa.org

We are working for their future!



Mike Krauss

Chair, the Pennsylvania Project

Founding Director, the Public Banking Institute

Skype: mikekrausscomments

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