Saturday, November 01, 2014

Too nervous?

Andrew Gow‎ on the FB Group, Swim Coaches Idea Exchange Group

Any words of advice on how to help a swimmer who's having pre-meet jitters? He's worried that he's not fast enough and worried that he won't do well. I've had a quiet word with him on poolside and told him that he is more than capable and that he is selling himself short as he's a great swimmer just lacking in confidence. Both myself and his parents have spoke with him but he's still a little unsure.

Any help appreciated!
My reply post:

I don't care. Really. Tell him you called me, some other guy coach on the internet, and he doesn't give a flip how fast his race is today in the whatever event in some number of ticks or even five seconds slower. Yawn. I have my own things to watch and worry about, not that race results. And, there are 4 billion people in China who don't care as well. Some might be sleeping while some might be working, but I'm 100% certain! none care if this race shows up on YouTube or not. The only ones that Really care about this race are you, the coach, and the swimmer himself. Today, for this race, the coach cares as much as can fit in a pinky finger. A tiny bit. On the whole, over the career, in five more years, care for the person, care for the behaviors, care for how the swimmer treats others is super important to the coaches, friends, family, Yourself. We get to learn about and how to love ourselves in meaningless races like this event so that in the future as new challenges are faced, a stronger individual is present. Someday lots of folks will notice and care what goes on with that ex-swimmer dude. Live in the present and handle what comes your way.

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